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GATE 2014

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics And Communication Engineering, Computer Sc. and Information Technology, Instrumentation Engineering, Mining EngineeringAgricultural EngineeringArchitecture and Planning.

CS: Computer Sc. and Information Technology

Computer Sc. and Information Technology CS01_2014.pdf

Computer Sc. and Information Technology CS02_2014.pdf

Computer Sc. and Information Technology CS03_2014.pdf

Electronics and Communication Engg.

Electronics and Communication Engg. EC01_2014.pdf

Electronics and Communication Engg. EC02_2014.pdf

Electronics and Communication Engg. EC03_2014.pdf

Electronics and Communication Engg. EC04_2014.pdf

EE: Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering EE01_2014.pdf

Electrical Engineering EE02_2014.pdf

Electrical Engineering EE03_2014.pdf

IN: Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering IN2014.pdf

ME: Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering ME01_2014.pdf

Mechanical Engineering ME02_2014.pdf

Mechanical Engineering ME03_2014.pdf

Mechanical Engineering ME04_2014.pdf

CE: Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering CE01_2014.pdf

Civil Engineering CE02_2014.pdf

MN: Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering.pdf

AG: Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering.pdf

AR: Architecture and Planning

Architecture and Planning.pdf